SmartRelief | FAQs
How much does SmartRelief cost?
Only about $35. Traditional TENS units can cost hundreds of dollars and may require a doctor’s visit and prescription, so we’ve made this pain relief breakthrough accessible and affordable. The Pain Therapy kit comes with 1 electrical unit, 1 electrode pad, and 2 batteries.
Do I need a prescription to get SmartRelief?
No. You don’t need a prescription, and you don’t even need to visit a doctor. It’s available over-the-counter at most retailers that carry pain relievers such as IcyHot.
Can people tell I’m wearing SmartRelief?
SmartRelief is silent, discreet, and odor-free. It can be worn almost anywhere. It’s hard to notice you’re wearing SmartRelief as long as you wear clothing that’s not skin-tight or see-through. And there are no wires that might slip loose and show.
Can I use SmartRelief in combination with other topical pain rubs?
Topical pain rubs can be used before and after the use of SmartRelief. However, topical pain rubs should not be applied to the site of pain immediately before applying the SmartRelief electrode pad. Applying topical pain rubs in combination with the SmartRelief electrode pad may damage the electrode pad and prevent you from experiencing optimal results from SmartRelief.
How big is the SmartRelief unit?
The control unit is smaller than a credit card, and only half an inch thick. It weighs less than one ounce.
Can I replace the battery?
Yes. SmartRelief does come with one pre-installed battery and one etra battery. SmartRelief runs on a common 3-volt watch battery, which is available at grocery and drug stores, or wherever those types of batteries are sold. The typical retail price for a replacement battery is about $3. Batteries should be individually sealed (and not touch other batteries) for optimal battery life.
How many times can an electrode pad be worn?
The electrode pad life will vary, depending on care and skin type, but should be replaced when it no longer adheres well to the skin. If your skin type is oily or has residue on it, you may need to replace the electrode pad more frequently.
Can I buy additional adhesive pads?
Yes. A refill pack of 2 pads costs about $10-$12. The refill pack also comes with an extra battery.
How does SmartRelief reduce pain?
SmartRelief is placed right over the area in pain. It works by producing electrical pulses which travel to the brain faster than the body’s pain signals, thus blocking the pain symptoms. It also encourages the body to release its own natural pain relieving endorphins.
How long do I leave the SmartRelief pad in place?
Sessions last 30 minutes or less (if you manually press the off button). You can use SmartRelief for consecutive 30-minute sessions according to your pain relief needs when used in accordance with User Manual.
Note: For optimal battery life, allow 5-10 minutes between sessions for battery to recharge.
Since it’s electrical, does it have wires?
No. And the unique wire-free SmartRelief design is patented.
What does it feel like when I turn it on?
The only surface sensation you will feel is a gentle tingle. Reducing the intensity level will also reduce the tingling sensation. There is no shocking sensation whatsoever.
Can I adjust the intensity?
Yes. The SmartRelief unit can be adjusted to 63 different intensity levels so you can find just the right amount of relief you need. It truly is customized pain relief!
Can I use SmartRelief anywhere?
As long as you can keep it dry, you can enjoy the soothing relief of SmartRelief wherever you go – at work, movies, school, traveling, on airplanes, and even during physical activities like walking, gardening, biking, exercising, etc. However, excessive perspiration may loosen the adhesive contact of the electrode pad to the skin.
Are there any side effects?
SmartRelief is safe and not chemically addictive.
Is it OK to use SmartRelief if you have a pacemaker?
No. SmartRelief is not to be used if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or an internal TENS unit. Also contraindicated for use with implanted medical devices containing metal.
Is there any area I shouldn’t use SmartRelief?
SmartRelief is not intended for application to your head, face, throat, chest, or neck, and it is unsafe to do so.
Is SmartRelief an FDA regulated device?
Yes. SmartRelief is a class 2 medical device regulated by the FDA.
Will SmartRelief work on chronic pain?
Yes. The unit can be adjusted to increase the intensity of the pulses to help relieve pain as needed.
Is SmartRelief difficult to assemble?
Not at all. The compact electrical unit snaps onto the back of the pad, then you peel the pad off its protective cover and stick it to where you’re in pain. Then just push the On/Off button to start the gentle, pain relieving pulses. If you need stronger relief, push the + sign to increase the intensity. For more gentle pulses, push the – sign. There are 63 different intensity levels so you can find the level that’s perfect for you. It’s also easy to remove when you decide the treatment is over.
Where do I find SmartRelief in the store?
It’s usually located near other IcyHot topical pain products in the pain relief aisle.
Will SmartRelief irritate my skin?
It is unlikely, but it is possible. Electrical stimulation may cause minor skin irritation to people that are sensitive to this type of therapy.
Can I use SmartRelief on headaches or neck pain?
Can I use SmartRelief while pregnant?
No. Do not use during pregnancy or if you think you might be pregnant.